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Any crafty person with a baby can tell you that there is nothing so intriguing as the baby food jar. Looking at a row of empty, clean baby food jars gives you such a sense of potential…but what to make from them? Here are some ideas to get you started on your own creative journey.

Under the Cupboard Handyman's Helper

Required: Clean baby food jars with lids, soft pine board (I recommend using scrap pine from other projects so the size of your board will determine how many baby food jars you use.), self-adhesive Velcro strip (long enough to run the length of your board twice), paint in your choice of color, small nails, hammer, and sandpaper.

Sand board smooth and paint. Allow paint to dry thoroughly. Line up baby food jar lids along one side of board. The top of the jar lid should be against the board. Nail the jar lids to the board. Flip board over and adhere Velcro strips in two parallel rows. Fill the baby food jars with small nails, nuts and other odds and ends and screw onto lids. Adhere opposite sides of Velcro in place where you want your Handyman's Helper to hang. Velcro in place. This handy spacesaver also makes a great button sorter or office supply organizer.

Halloween Pumpkin Party Favors

Required: Clean, dry baby food jars, orange crepe paper, green curling ribbon, black construction paper, white glue, and small candies.

Cut a circle of crepe paper approximately six inches in diameter. Place jar in the center of the circle and gather circle around jar. Tie curling ribbon around jar neck to secure orange paper. Curl ends of ribbon to look like pumpkin vine. Cut features for the pumpkin from black construction paper and glue in place. Fill jar with candies.

Christmas Ornament

Required: Baby food jar lids, scraps of fabric and lace, scraps of narrow ribbon, photos, and white glue.

Cut photo to fit into jar lid and glue in place. Cut 6-inch circle of scrap fabric with pinking shears. Apply very thin layer of glue to back of jar lid and glue to wrong side of fabric circle. Gather circle up around edge of jar lid and tie ribbon around to hold it in place. Glue lace around inside edge of jar. Glue ribbon loop on top of jar lid to hang.

Snow Globe

Required: Clean, dry baby food jar, small plastic Christmas figure, hot glue, scraps of red felt, narrow green ribbon, diamond dust, mineral oil, white glue.

Glue small figure into inverted lid of baby food jar. Fill jar with mineral oil (about ¾ full) and add about a teaspoon of diamond dust. Screw on lid. Spread outside of jar lid with thin layer of white glue. Cut 3-inch circle of red felt and cover lid. Tie green ribbon around edge and make a nice bow. Shake the jar for a sparkly snowfall.