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Supplies needed:

Clean jar and lid
hot glue and glue gun
polyester fiberfill
fabric ribbon
lace or eyelet
material scraps

Cut out a piece of polyester fiberfill to fit on top of the lid. Hot glue this piece in place on the lid. Cut out a piece of fabric of your choice and center it over the lid, making sure its big enough to cover the lid edges. Start at one side and hot glue the fabric to the side of the lid. Hot glue the edge on the opposite side pulling the fabric tight over the lid. Continue going around the lid pulling the fabric tight and gluing all the edges well. After you are finished gluing, trim the edges of the fabric even with the lid edges.

Hot glue the lace or eyelet around the edge of the lid, slowly and ruffling it as you glue.

Next glue the fabric ribbon around the edge to give a smooth look, over the top of the lace or eyelet. Make a bow out of the remaining ribbon and glue where the edges of the lace meet.

Place items of your choice in the jar and place the lid on top. Your jar is ready to give away or decorate your home!

Suggested items to fill your jar:

* Jelly beans at Easter
* hot salsa
* any type of hard candy
* paper clips, etc. for an office gift
* lollipops (depending on the size of your jar)
* cotton balls or q-tips
* jewlery