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This is a simple sewing project. In the end, you will have a very unique quilt or throw that can be used in dens, playrooms, or on a child’s bed. The choice of colors is up to you or the special person you make it for. Made from sturdy non-shrinkable cottons blends, your quilt will withstand machine washing and drying. Best of all, you made it yourself - it’s soft, comfortable and warm.

To begin:

12 bandanna squares in your choice of colors

One solid color twin size sheet, the solid color should coordinate with the colors of the bandannas

One cotton flannel blanket

The finished quilt will be 3 squares in width and 4 squares in length, and can cover a twin size bed.

Before sewing or pinning, arrange the twelve squares in an appealing pattern on the floor or large area. Rearrange the squares until you have the pattern you desire.

Make the quilt top:

Make the width strips first.

Begin by making strips of three bandannas each by pinning one side of one, to one side of the next, then machine sewing.

You will have four strips of three bandannas each when you have finished.

Sew the width strips together:

Pin, then sew each strip to another along the longest edge. Iron as you go for the best effect. When the strips are sewn together, you have created the quilt top.

Put the quilt together:

First, layer the flannel blanket on to the right side of the bandanna quilt top, then place the sheet onto those two layers.

Pin all three layers together, trim around all edges so all material is even.

Machine sew ¼ inch around entire quilt leaving a 12 inches opening on one edge.

Turn the right side of the quilt out (as you would when making a pillow cover)

Iron around seams to help them lay flat.

Turn the opening slit to the inside, either hand sew or machine sew closed.


Top stitch along each seam line of the bandannas with thread matching the twin size sheet. This prevents the inside from slipping or bunching with use. Top stitching around edges is optional, but gives it a finished look.

These quilts can be made to coordinate any room. As well, theme bandannas (football, baseball) can be used for special interests.