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Flowers leaves are pressed for many reasons…
1. before cameras, it was necessary in order to identify species
2. to remember a special occasion like a wedding boutique
3. to use in decorative arts

Pressing flowers and leaves is an easy process. You need weight for the pressing, and something to soak up the moisture in the plant.

All you need is….
1. flower or leaf to be pressed
2. big, fat book (bigger than the flower or leaf)
3. paper towel

Open the book to a middle page.

Place paper towel on each side (2 pieces)

Repeat for additional flowers or leaves leaving about 20 pages in between.

Close the book.

Let the book rest flat for about 1 month. Some plants will need 1 week less or 1 week more.

If your book isn’t thick, put additional books on top to add more weight.

Now you can frame it, glue it on to other objects, or what ever your desire end use is.