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This is a great way to use your husband's old shirts. These pillow covers are fast and easy to make. The best thing is that you will only have to sew 4 seams.

You will need to get a pillow form, or you can use one that you have. A square form will work best.

Measure the size of the pillow form. Measure at the edge.

Lay the shirt for the pillow cover on a table front side up.

The pillow cover will be made with the front and back.

The edge of the pillow will start close to the right armhole, but don't cut into the sleeve. Make a vertical line at this point.

Measure the width of the required pillow cover to fit the pillow form. Include 1" for seam allowances. Make a vertical line at this point. Include the placket with the buttons and button holes. You will use the existing buttons to take the cover on and off.

Now you need to make the top and bottom lines for the pillow. Include 1" for seam allowance. The top line should be at least 2" above the pocket if the shirt has one. The pocket will become a decorative accent on the pillow.

I think that you are getting the idea. The pillow is going to look like the front of a shirt minus the collar.

Cut out the front and back together following the lines that you have drawn. If you pin the front and back together, the cutting will be easier and more accurate on both pieces.

Fold the front and back with the right sides of the fabric together. It will look like it is inside out. If you are using a stripe shirt and a square pillow, turn the back so that the stripes are going horizontal for more interest.

Sewn the 4 seams with a serger for a secure finish.

Turn the pillow cover right side out.

Press with a hot iron.

You can add additional trims like a handkerchief in the pocket.

Cover your pillow.