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You don’t have to be a chemist to make your own deodorants. Deodorants are easy to make at home can save money, and won't have any harmful chemicals in them. Most of the ingredients you need are available in the stores.

Underarm Deodorant Powder

Mix together:
4 ounces talcum powder
2 ounces cornstarch
1 ounce baking soda
3 drops of your favorite scent, or leave unscented

Apply under the arms with cotton. Quite effective.

Antiperspirant Creme

8 ounces lanolin
2 ounces distilled water
1 ounce baking soda
2 ounces unscented talcum powder
1 ounce cornstarch
2 ounces alcohol
3 drops of perfume, or leave unscented.

Mix together and keep in a jar.

Deodorant Creme--No Lanolin

4 ounces pure vegetable shortening (Like Crisco)
2 ounces distilled water
2 ounces unscented talcum powder
1 ounce baking soda
1 ounce cornstarch.

Whip the shortening, then add the other ingredients a little at a time until all are blended. You may add your favorite scent at the end. Store in a jar.

For liquid spray deodorants, you need the following things:

A measuring cup
A glass jar with lid (for mixing)
A small funnel
A nonaeresol spray bottle

Spice Spray Deodorant

1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon cloves
2 teaspoons nutmeg
1 ounce tincture of lemon peel
1 ounce glycerin
3 drops oil of bergamot
1 pint alcohol
3 ounces distilled water

Place all the ingredients in your jar. Cap tightly and shake well to mix. Pour into your spray bottle, and you’re all set to use it.

There you have it. Home made deodorants. Easy to make and easy on the budget on the long run.