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Presents on Mother's Day need to be simple. Mothers expect things and it's easy for a child or husband to get the right things as long as he uses his head.
The easy choice is flowers. Girls love flowers and mothers are no exception to the rule. Roses are expensive and really show that you care. A limited budget might make tulips a more feasible option. Be forewarned tulips can look cheap. Get high quality tulips.
Another great option is breakfast in bed. It's easy and mom will love not having to move to enjoy her favorite breakfast treats. The trick here is to keep the breakfast simple. Don't make things too sticky or your mom might get stuck to the sheets. Also do not make a mess in the kitchen. If you do all, the hard work might not matter, as there is no way that you will get back on mom's good side.
The card can be the most important part of the gift, do not mess this part up. Gather something funny that says how much you love her. Give it to her with flowers and you have a great present.
One can do all of these ideas or just a few of them, depending on budget and time. Remember: keep the gift simple. Too complicated gifts lead to problems and heartache.