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Trying to come up with the perfect gift idea? Tired of giving ordinary gifts to people? Try creating a gift basket instead. This is a relatively inexpensive and original way that expresses your creativity and thoughtfulness. The following are a few of my favorite gifts and instructions on putting it all together.

The Wedding Basket:
Everyone always goes to the bride and groom's gift registry to purchase a gift. This is a fine idea, but there isn't much surprise with this type of gift. Instead, pick out a nice big basket from your local craft store. You can purchase them fairly cheaply, and may often choose from a wide variety of shapes and styles. Layer the inside of the basket with tissue paper, colored grass, or metallic tissue paper. You can find all of these at a craft or party supply store. Place items like 2 long stemmed wine glasses, 2 bath towels, a bottle of champagne, and a scented candle or bath bubbles. Or choose something from their registry and form your basket around that product.
Quick Tip: When giving candles, purchase one or two small votive candles and cups, instead of one large candle. Be sure to pick scents that are subdued.

Baby Showers:
When my friend was expecting her first child I purchased an infant bath tub and filled with all sorts of baby items. Some neccessities for new mothers are soap, shampoo, infant washcloth's and towels, a warm cozy outfit for after bathtime, and maybe a few rattles for playtime. Other nice gifts to include are baby bottles, a picture frame, film for cameras, or one-time use cameras. The possibilities are endless.
Quick Tip: Be sure to add in something for the new mother. Some soothing music, bubble bath or a soft scented candle are great. When buying baby care items, buy in bulk if you can use items for yourself or for someone else.

Chefs(Or those who love to cook):
Buy a huge mixing bowl and arrange items like mixing spoons, different shaped/colored pastas, recipe cards, or cutting boards inside. If the receiver of your gift loves spicy food, you could put in your favorite brand of hot sauce or spices. You can also purchase items like a blender and fill it with a variety of corresponding items(just be sure the blade is covered well.) You can also add in a collectible for a kitchen. For example, if you know your friend's kitchen is decorated in cherries, add in a cute picture of cherries or another related item.
Quick Tip: You can also use this idea as a housewarming gift for someone. Purchase items in bulk, and keep extras for yourself or someone else. Buy filler items you never seem to have enough of, such as wooden spoons, measuring cups, or spices one would use frequently.

One last note: Always decorate your gift. Use lots of ribbon, tissue paper, colored grass, or bows to give it an extra special touch.