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Making birthday presents instead of buying them is always nice to do. It really shows the effort and care gone into making it and is always a good idea for a granny or auntie.

Making a Personalised Paperweight
Find a pretty large and flat stone. Get out your paintbrush and paint a landscape or scene on the front. Maybe if the person likes cats you could draw cat scene chasing a ball of wool. Write underneath the scene the person’s name. Wait until the stone is dry and then turn it over and write the date.

Making a birthday card
This is a simple idea for children that will keep them busy for hours. Give the child a thick piece of card folded in half and ask them to draw a picture on the front and write a nice greeting inside.
This will make a nice keepsake for when the child grows up.

Finger painting a picture
This can be messy so make sure you have a big table covered in newspaper. Have little saucers of different coloured paints on the table. The child can use their fingers to make pretty pictures and cards for their family. You can also use potatoes as a stamp. Cut the potato into a shape and dip into the paints.

Make a shell picture frame
Go to the beach and collect all different shells. Using an old picture frame, stick the shells with strong glue around the frame. Wait an hour or so for the glue to dry solid and then spray with a gold spray can. You’ll have a stylish photo frame that you can send to a friend with your picture in it!

Make a shell mirror
Do the same as above, only place a mirror in the frame. Personalise it by writing their name on the bottom of the mirror.

These gift ideas will cost next to nothing, so you’ll also be saving money by not just grabbing the nearest thing on the shelf in your local store.