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Clasps are what hold your bracelet or necklace together around your arm or neck. Opening and closing the clasp is crucial to putting on and removing your jewelry. If one brakes, repair is essential. The repair is based on what type of clasp you have. This list will help you identify the type of clasp you have, and how to repair it. First you should know that the spring is the side of the clasp that hold mechanisms, while the sheath is the side that holds the mechanism in place.
1. Box snap
The box snap clasp has a box-like sheath. A V-shaped spring slides into the sheath. The most common problem is that the V-spring is bent or flattened. To repair it take a file or screwdriver and lift the V-spring. Manipulate the V until it is open. It doesn't need to be wide, but make sure it is not flat. If the V-spring is bent, take a pair of flat-nose pliers, and bend the V-spring back. This should solve the problem.
2. Banger snap clasp
The Banger snap clasp works the same way as the box snap, except the V-shaped spring slides sideways into the sheath instead of up and down. To repair it take a file or screwdriver and open the V-spring, just like you did with the other. Test the snap until it's wide enough to hold the clasp in place.
3. Fold-over clasp
A fold-over clasp rotates on a hinge, and snaps in place. If the clasp does not snap closed, the tab is likely bent. Take a pair of flat-nosed pliers, and bend the tab back onto itself. Then, test the clasp. If is doesn't work, bend the tab a little further. This should correct the problem.
4. Spring ring
A spring clasp, does just what is sounds like, it springs into place to clasp. It usually has a small nub that pulls back. If the nub or spring snap off, the only thing you can do is replace it. You will need to remove the nearest jump ring from the spring ring, and place a new one on.