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Candles during the early times were made by dipping a thready material called wick into wax. They are then left in the open air to give them a dense shape. They are dipped again to give them their needed shape. However, certain developments in the passage of time made modern candles be produced in their molded form.

For starters, making a basic molded candle could be their first move in preparing to make professionally-designed homemade candles.

The first step is to estimate how much wax needs to be added. This is done by filling a container, called a mould, with water. Measure the amount of water. Keep in mind that for every 3 1/2 ounces of water, 3 ounces of wax is to be used. Place the wax on the top of a double boiler. On its bottom part, fill it with about 1/3 full and set its temperature to just a medium heat. Once you observe that the water constantly boils, adjust its temperature to a lesser one so the water would not overflow and splash in the container. The general temperature for melting wax is 175-185 degrees Fahrenheit. Melt it on that temperature. Coat the wick by putting it into the melted wax until it starts to bubble. This assures that enough wax had been absorbed. Carefully get it by using a knitting needle and pull its sides tightly. Place it on a flat, dry surface.

Once the wick becomes dense, let it pass through a small hole in the upper part of the mould and attach its other end around a pencil. Seal the mould hole. Once you have made your desired temperature, add a stear into the wick. If you want to color your dye, do it before you add a scent if you want to make a scented candle. Remember to use 1 ounce of fragrance oil for every pound of wax. Pour into the mould. Before the wax starts to form, tap the sides of the mold to emit the trapped air bubbles, which would tar the surface of the finished candle. When wax becomes fixed in a tacky manner, poke the holes in the candle surrounding the wick. This prevents the candles from shrinking further. Leave it for a few hours. Cool the candle by placing it in water and remember to make the water go up all the way to the surface of the mould. Don't let any water get into the fixing wax.

Once the wax cools down, top the candle. If there still is some unused wax, melt them. Once it is done, remove the candle from the mould. To make the bottom of the candle's surface leveled and smooth, place the candle on top of the double boiler. Twist it around till the surface starts to look even. Remove the candle from the double boiler. Leave it for one hour before you can finally use it.