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It's Halloween and you're looking for ideas on making your home look festive for the season. Why not dress up your lampshades? Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to make this easy, fun lampshade.

What You Will Need:
Dark colored construction paper
Scissors/Exacto Knife
Clear tape
White/Light colored lampshade

How to Create Your Shade:
1) Using a dark colored piece of construction paper, trace several designs for your decorations. For example, at Halloween you might want to trace bats, spiders, or witches on broomsticks. Keep in mind that your shapes should be relatively small, so as not to overwhelm the lamp.
2) After you've traced your shapes, you need to cut them out. You can either use scissors or an Exacto knife to do this. I prefer to use an Exacto knife to get a more precise cut, which is especially nice for small cut-outs.
3) Attach a piece of string to one side of your cut-out with a piece of tape.
4) Tie each piece of string around the brass ring in the top section of the shade. Hang objects from different heights.
5) Tape remaining shapes to the inside of your lampshade.

Designs to use for Christmas:
Candy canes, Santa figure, gift packages

The great thing about this decorating idea is that it is interchangeable for nearly every holiday, and really adds to a room. It is also a kid friendly project, provided that an adult supervises.