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Do you drop your soap in the bathtub or shower? Well then I have the answer for you: Soap on a rope. To make the soap you will need: 5 1/2oz. coconut oil(solid), 7 1/4oz. sunflower oil, 7 1/4oz. olive oil, caustic soda (lye), 32 1/4fl.oz. still mineral water,1 1/2oz. chopped orange peel, 1 1/4oz. poppy seed, 1/2oz. lime essentail oil and some rope,thin plastic bags, a pan for cooking and alarge plastic bucket.

Melt the coconut oil first. Add the liquid oils to the pan and then remove from heat. Weigh the caustic soda into thin plastic bags. Pour the water into a large plastic bucket and add the caustic soda to the water, not the other way around, to create lye water. Stir as soon as you start adding the caustic soda to prevent it from solidifying into a slick mass like ice on the base of the bucket. The oils and lye should be 35-36.7 degrees C 95-98 degrees F. Add the lye water to the oils. Stir continuously until the soap traces. The mixture will thicken after a while. Tracing is when the mixture thickens and the impression of a line of soap can be seen on the surface after drizzling from a spatula. Tracing usually takes about 40 minutes but do not be alarmed if it takes and entire day. After tracing has occured add your essential oil orange peels and poppy seeds. Allow this to set in a square pan or in a bowl for 24 hours.

Next, make a slip knot at one end of the rope to form a hanger for the soap. Tie the other end into a simple knot. Grate the soap that has now set. Stick aprox. 1 1/2 per ball. Stick the grated soap around the rope close to the end with the simple knot. Continue to press the grated soap around the rope until you achieve a tight, even ball. A nice added touch is to press a sea shell, or beads etc. into the surface of the ball. There you have it, soap on a rope.