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Tossing dead flowers into the garbage or onto the compost heap is out of the question. While a compost heap is a great way to recycle and fertilize your flowerbeds, why not recycle those flowers in a way that will benefit your home?

Potpourri is not hard to make. There are only a few steps involved and in no time at all you have a wonderful batch of homemade potpourri that looks lovely!

#1 Dry flowers. Pressing between books works, but you end up with flat flowers. This may work with some flowers, but others look great in their natural state. I suggest that you leave them in a cool, dry place and allow to dry naturally. They retain their shape, but are still the texture you need for potpourri.

#2 Usually it takes anywhere from two days to a week to get your flowers dry. Once dry, put inside a clear bag and add scent. (Scent is not necessary unless you want your potpourri to smell good. For looks only, don't bother with the scent.) Allow to remain inside plastic bag for at least two days or until flowers retain desired scent. Distribute to smaller decorative bags, sachets or potpourri pots. (NOTE: you should only add one to two drops of scent. For a regular size Ziplock bag, this gives great scent.)

For the scents, try your local dollar store or Wal-Mart. I found a great Mulberry scent at my dollar store for only $1 and it can be used so many times! Also, Wal-Mart carries a great variety in the crafts and flowers section. If you fail to find what you're looking for at your local stores, search the Internet. Look for wholesale stores first and find the cheapest price. No need to pay extra! I found some great scents that I have used repeatedly and I am happy with the smell and the price!

Also, don't purchase expensive clear bags to store your potpourri in. I use sandwich bags. (Yes, one side does fold down. But, carefully rip it away from sides and you have a great bag. I tie ribbon around mine for a great effect!)

You now have beautiful potpourri that will accent your home or make wonderful gifts for friends and family.