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One of the most special things a loved one or friend can receive is a homeade birthday card. It is easy to make a card using easily accessable elements such as magazine clippings, photographs or computer printouts. There are several types of cards anyone with a little creativity can make.

The first thing you need is the paper for the card. You can either buy paper (use good quality paper stock) or buy pre made blank cards. The blank cards can be found at art supply and craft stores. They come in a variety of sizes and usually have matching envelopes.

There are many easy ways to make a card. One of the simplest is to take a photograph and copy it on a color copier and put it on the front of the card. A simple photograph gives a creative and personalized look to a card. It can be a picture of the person you are giving it to or of an occasion that will elicit happy memories. The best way to attach the copy of the photograph is will spray mount (also avaialble at any art or craft store).

Another idea is to cut out words and pictures from magazines and paste them on the card. You can write out different expressions of your birthday wishes or just do a collage of pictures that are colorful and festive.

If you have access to a computer, you will be able to do some more sophisticated cards. You can print out graphics, borders and text from the computer. Again, the best way to attach these elements to a card is with spray mount.

Glitter can add a special and glitzy touch to your cards. The best kind of glitter to use is the kind that is glitter mixed with glue. It comes in a squeeze bottle. You simple draw whatever you want to (words or pictures) with the glitter glue like you would with a pen.

Simple borders and shapes are easy to add to a card and give them a nice finishing touch. You can use any color construction paper to do a border. A border on the top of the card is easy to do but gives the card a professional look. Just cut a strip of paper the length of the top of the card and about 1/2" -1" in width. Glue it to the very top of the card. Borders look best when they are in the same color family as the other elements of the card.

Cutting out basic shapes and gluing them to the front of the card is another creative idea. Another idea is to stencil shapes or designs. You can buy different stencils at any art supply. Then you put it on top of the card and with magic marker or colored pencil, color in the stencil design.

The most important thing when creating a homeade card is that it comes from the heart. With just a little thought, time and creativity, you can make a card that will look better than you imagined. The more cards you do, the more comfortable you will become with the methods I explained and you may even incorporate several elements and ideas at once. Good luck!