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Materials needed:

pinking shears
fabric scraps
1/2" lace piece (about 1/4-1/2 yard depending on the size of the heart shape you choose)
fabric ribbon (6" long)
dried potpourri (scent of your choice)
large heart shaped cookie cutter or pattern

Trace the heart shape onto the inside of the fabric and cut out two shapes using the pinking shears to give the zig zag edge. Hot glue each end of the ribbon on each curve at the top of the heart shape on the inside. Place pieces of potpourri inside and carefully hot glue the edges together.

Your heart is now ready to add to a package, as an ornament on a Christmas tree or just to put with a romantic note to someone special.


*Scraps of material from sewing or other craft projects can be used to make these with very little cost

* Evergreen or apple cinnamon scents are great to use during the December holiday season

* Vanilla or a rose scent is a suggested scent to use for Valentine's day or a special romantic occasion where you use the ornament as a tag on a gift.

* A heart made from deep red and rose scented could be used to decorate a Valentine gift

* A truly romantic gesture would be to tie a ring or piece of jewlery with ribbon to the heart.