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Materials needed:

pen or fine tipped marker
Gingerbread cookie cutter
felt (brown or tan)
hot glue gun and glue sticks
thin fabric ribbon (white or red)
fabric paint (white, red and black)

Instructions for creating felt gingerbread men ornaments:

Place the gingerbread cookie cutter on a piece of felt and using the pen, trace around the shape. Cut out two pieces. Put small bits of polyester fiberfill securing with small drops of hot glue onto bottom piece of gingerbread man shape.

On top piece, using the black fabric paint, paint on small lines to appear as stitching around the edges. Make 2-3 heart shaped buttons down the front using the red fabric paint. Make two black dots for eyes, red for mouth and nose and tint the red to make pink for the cheeks.

Use the white paint to create squiggy lines at the top of the head, the end of the arms and end of the legs.

After paint dries, put red bow at neck.

Glue a thin piece of ribbon approximately 6 inches long to the left part of the inside head and glue the other end to the right inside head.

Carefully join the top to the back using hot glue and keeping the polyester fiberfill in the middle, and glue a piece of ribbon at the top of the head in order to hang from a tree.

These gingerbread men ornaments can be used to decorate your home by hanging them from your Christmas tree or wreath or doorknob. As a token gift with a Christmas card the gingerbread felt men will add a special touch or as a decorative attachment to a gift.