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There are only so many photos of grandchildren grandmothers can appreciate receiving every time a gift is given. So here are a few innovative ideas for Grandma’s next present.
· Drawer Liners – these can be purchased from any House and Home shop and are a wonderful present as they serve a purpose (to keep the clothes off dusty shelves), as well as give off a subtle fragrance.
· A Salon voucher – get a voucher from a beauty salon for a pedicure. A lot of older people have a problem with painting their toe nails due to pressure on bones and lack of suppleness, so a nice relaxing foot massage is always welcome.
· Get your kids involved. Make a large pot of play dough. (Flour, water, salt and food coloring). Roll balls of play dough then smooth out with a rolling pin. Get the kids to make hand and foot prints in the dough then cut into a square or circle around the print. Make a hole on each corner of the cut out and bake at 180’ C until hard. Allow to cool, and thread a ribbon through the holes and tie at the back. Write each child’s name, age and year on the back of these and viola, your grandmother has a footprint she can always treasure.
· If you are an older grandchild there are a number of things you can do. Offer to drive her to the shops every week for a month. Take her to a movie or go for a short walk to the park with her every Saturday. The thing she will probably treasure most from you is your time. Give her a certain amount of it and do not renege on your promise.
· If you have to give her a photo of the kids put in a frame that they made themselves (a little wood, glue and paint should do the trick), this will personalize it as well as making it a gift they put some real effort into making.
· Make sticks for her garden if she is the gardening type. Get pieces of wood, and paint the names of the various plants/herbs on them. Cut the ends of the wood into a point (to plant then in the ground). This won’t take long and is a lovely personal gift.

Generally anything you make yourself is a wonderful gift for not only grandmothers but people of all ages.