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Are pictures from your last vacation still sitting in the envelopes? Do you have treasured memories from past events stored in boxes? It's time for some serious reorganization! Memories are an important part of who you are and there's no need to store your favorite treasures in places where you can't easily access them when you'd like to show them off or simply reminisce. Start scrapbooking!!!

Basic scrapbooks are easy to create and inexpensive. Start by purchasing a basic strapbook and glue stick from your local craft or department store. Browse through your old magazines or craft supplies to find construction paper, colorful pictures that relate to your photos, glitter, stickers, and markers. If you don't have any of these items, a basic ballpoint pen will do the trick. You may add specialty items later from your local store. Next, organize the photos you wish to scrapbook by event or theme.

When you begin to scrapbook, start with a fresh piece of paper (included in your scrapbook purchase). Add colorful shapes to the basic white as a background, or you may wish to purchase specialty pages from a craft store. As a general rule, 3 to 5 pictures per page is usually appropriate. Cut the pictures into shapes, removing excess background as needed. Secure them to the scrapbook page with a glue stick. Do not be afraid to tilt the pictures in different directions for variety - scrapbooks aren't made to be straighforward photo albums! Using your pen or markers, generate captions to help you remember or describe the event occuring. As a finshing touch, add other magazine pictures or stickers to highlight the page.

In summary, to create a basic scrapbook, you will need: scrapbook with pages, scissors, glue stick, writing utensil.

For added detail, you may want to add: construction or other heavy stock colored paper, design blade scissors, stickers, glitter, colorful captions in marker.

Check out your local craft store. Most will have an entire aisle or section devoted to scrapbooking.