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Mismatched china, chipped dishes, and odd pieces of tile can be recycled into something beautiful. These mosaic flowerpots can actually be planted, or can serve as decorative objects. Patterns can be random, all-over arrangements of the mosaic pieces, or can be planned into borders and other designs. This can be a good craft for children who are old enough to exercise caution with the rough edges of the china.

Clay flowerpot
Tiles, old dishes
Paper bag
Rubber gloves
Tile adhesive

„« Gather together a selection of ceramic tile, old dishes, marbles, etc.
„« Put several pieces at a time into a large paper bag and gently hit with a hammer to break up into small pieces. (Tile nippers can also be used to break off small pieces)
„« Use pre-mixed tile adhesive (available at hardware stores) or mix a small amount according to package instructions. With the plastic knife, spread the adhesive thinly over a small section of the flower pot at a time.
„« Press ceramic pieces and/or other decorative objects firmly into the adhesive, making a mosaic pattern. After covering the entire flowerpot, let the adhesive dry for the manufacturer¡¦s recommended time.
„« Mix grout according to package directions. Wearing rubber gloves, press the grout between the mosaic pieces, working it well into the joints. It¡¦s okay for there to be grout on the tile pieces at this time.
„« Let the pot sit for about 20 minutes. With a well wrung-out sponge, wipe the all the ceramic pieces clean of the excess grout. You may have to rinse and wring out the sponge several times.
„« If a dull haze remains on the ceramic pieces, buff it away with a terry towel after the grout is firmly set.