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Here are some simple directions to follow in order to create the cutest flower pots ever!


Terracotta flower pot(s) - any size
acrylic craft paints - bright colors
small paint brushes
2 inch paint brush
flat, white paint (white wall paint works!)
black paint pen
clear, poly-acrylic paint (avlble. hardware store)
newspaper to protecet work area

Now that you've gotten your supplies together, spread the newspaper out on your work table, floor, etc. and line up the other supplies in the following order: flowerpot, white paint, 2 inch paint brush, pencil, colored paint, paint brushes, paint pen, clear coating.

Follow these steps and you'll have a cute, cheery, decorative flowerpot in no time!

1. Paint the outside of the flowerpot white.
2. Let it dry outside in the sun for about 20 minutes or until thoroughly dry.
3. Use the pencil to draw bold, cheery designs on the pot. Some suggestions: swirling lines, hearts, clouds, smiley faces, etc.
4. Use the small paintbrushes to fill in the lines with solid, bright colors of your choice.
5. After this dries, outline the shapes with the black paint pen.
6. Coat the entire surface with the clear paint. Be sure to thoroughly stir the clear paint first.

Yay! All done! If you have the time, or some little hands (kiddos) to help, you can crank out several of these cheery flowerpots. They look really great in groups, with brightly colored flowers sprouting out! It's a fun way for you (and the kids) to spiff up tired flowerpots.

Some suggested areas for placement: All the way around the deck railing, up and down the front sidewalk, clustered in areas where the grass "just doesn't grow," in a circle around the mailbox, on a window sill... there are so many options.