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You can make these for all occasions.


1/8 yard print material – cotton
Matching thread
Contrast ribbon
Measuring tape
Small safety pin


Prewash material in cold water wash in washing machine then dry in a hot dryer. Iron material and fold in half. Cut out bag of desired size – usually 8" x 10" (remember to calculate 1/4 inch edge for seam allowance). Pin right sides of material together leaving top of bag open. Sew sides and bottom of bag. On one side of the bag, stop sewing 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the top. This will make a slit on one side of the bag making it easier to open and close when finished. Once the rest of the bag is sewn, fold a 1/4 inch seam allowance on the inside of the bag. Sew the flap edges on both sides. Unlike the sides and bottom, the flap and the top seam allowance thread will show on the right side of the material.

Once the sides and bottom are completely done, it’s time to sew the top seam allowance. Make sure when you sew the seam allowance closed, that allow 1/2 inch so you can pull the ribbon through it. You need the ribbon to flow freely as it is used as a drawstring.

Once the top seam allowance is sewn, cut off the ribbon to the desired length for the drawstring. Take a small safety pin and open it. Take the sharp end and pierce it through one end of the ribbon. Close the safety pin. With the safety pin, push the ribbon through the top seam allowance until it comes through the other side of the bag. Once the safety pin and ribbon are through the gift bag, take the safety pin out of the ribbon. Cut the end of the ribbon off where the safety pin was; the end will be frayed. Tie both ends of the ribbon together forming a knot. Your gift bag is now finished!