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Materials needed:

red fun foam
green fun foam
red fabric paint
green fabric paint
white fabric paint
yellow fabric paint
magnetic craft strip
hot glue and glue gun
fine tipped marker or pen
small christmas tree cookie cutter

(these items can be found in craft stores)


Using the green fun foam, trace around the small christmas tree cookie cutter, and cut out 31 shapes.
With the yellow fabric paint, make a star at the top of each tree shape. With the white paint, make a number on each tree counting 1-31. Around the numbers put red dots of paint on the tree to look as ornaments. After the paint dries, cut small pieces approx 1/2" of the magnetic strip and hot glue to each tree shape.

Cut out seven 1/2" tall and 2" wide rectangular shapes from the red fun foam. Write the abbreviations for the names of the weekdays on each one. (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur,fri, Sat, Sun) Cut out another larger rectangular shape from the red fun foam approximately 3" wide and 1/2" tall to write the month of December on it in green fabric paint. When the paint has dried, hot glue magnetic pieces on the back of each one as done with the tree shapes.

Organize the pieces on a magnetic surface such as a refrigerator as a calender. During the month of December have your child (or if several children take turns) remove a tree for each day that passes counting down until Christmas. After Christmas they can continue taking the trees until they get to New Years as well.