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Many people purchase soap, but not soley for it's cleaning purposes. They also buy it to decorate their homes. Instead of settling for soap you just sort of like, why not make soap that you do like?

Homemade decorative soap is fairly easy to make. It just takes time and a little patience to turn your soap into a beautiful creation. I use life-like roses from the craft store, small decorative objects, and much more to decorate my soap.


Glycerine (clear)
Double Broiler
Clear Plastic (syrane wrap or shrink wrap)
Decorations (flowers, beeds, pretty objects)

First, cut glycerine and melt in double broiler. (If you do not have a double broiler, you can achieve this by taking a large pan and filling it with water, then set a smaller pan filled with glycerine inside the larger pan. Once the water begins to boil, your glycerine will melt.)

Second, while glycerine is melting, place your decorative object inside the mold, face down. (You place your decorative object face down so that it is visable once the soap is popped out of the mold.)

Third, once glycerine is melted, add scent or coloring. (You can get both at a local craft store or Walmart.)

Forth, pour glycerine into mold. (It may be necessary to hold decorative object down for just a minute until glycerine starts to cool slightly and it begins to stick in place.)

Fifth, allow soap to cool. You shoud give it at least one hour in the mold so that it is completely cooled. If you try to pop it out too soon, your soap will be slightly bent.

Sixth, wrap soap in clear plastic.

Your soap is ready to decorate! Place in decorative containers or baskets. They are wonderful decorations or make great gifts.