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Photo albums are easy to make and don't require much leg work. Your finished photo album will be an added treasure to your home.

What do you need?
You will need a photo album. Don't purchase an expensive album. Find the cheapest one possible because you are just going to cover it and what the album looks like doesn't matter.

Fabric to cover your album. Pick a fabric that you enjoy or one that coordinates with your furnishings or room theme. Usually, you can find fabric on sale and can get it reasonably inexpensive.

Lace or other trim. Using lace around the edges gives it an added uniqueness. I also used cream-colored beads around the edges.

Ribbon. You need less than a yard of thin ribbon to use for closing your photo album.

Hot glue gun. This is all you'll need to put your album together.

Once you have acquired the needed supplies, all you have to do now is get started.

Cut out your fabric so that it will cover the outside of your album and fold neatly just inside the cover. (You will also need enough fabric to cover a thin piece of cardboard to place on the inside cover to disguise your work.

Glue fabric in place, then using lace, trim edges of album. Once this is dry, place covered pieces of cardboard over the inside covers of your album. Before this dries, insert piece of ribbon between cover and your piece of cardboard at the side of your album, one piece of ribbon on each side. Allow to dry, then using beads, decorate outside edge of album. Allow to dry and your album is finished. Tie pieces of ribbon together to keep your album closed.

It takes roughly twenty minutes to get your album finished. It's not hard and your albums are worthy of decorating your home or giving away as gifts.