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One of the most beautiful decorations I have in my home is decor that I made myself from items found in nature.

My house is heavily decorated in dried flowers, homemade potpourri, and much more. It gives my home the look I want, plus, I don't have to spend a dime!

What you will need: jars or decorative dishes, flowers (mainly dried)

How do you achieve this? Simple. Just scan your yard for flowers or other beautiful plants that grow in nature and pick them. I like to use wild flowers and wild roses, but since my husband also likes to mow our yard, I have to search far and wide to find flowers that suit me. If you live in the city or an area that does not induce the growing of wild flowers, go to a friend's farm or places in the country where you are allowed to pick flowers from the roadside.

Dry your flowers. You can do this by just lying them on a flat surface indoors or out. (I suggest outdoors to allow all bugs to vacate the premises!) You can also dry your flowers by placing them between book covers, but by doing this you will get very flat flowers. If you allow them to dry on a flat surface, your flowers will dry with their natural fullness. (Also, you can spray your flowers with hairspray before they dry to help them retain their shape and size. If you plan to do this, use a hairspray that is odorless.)

Once your flowers are dry, you can pluck them from their stems and place them in collective containers, such as old antique jars or dishes, and place around your home or give away as gifts. Also, you can leave the flowers on their stems and make a floral arrangement in old mason jars for a country look or place inside old glass vases to decorate your home. One decoration that I found that makes a wonderful gift is homemade potpourri inside old glass jars. I search yard sales and thrift stores for glass jars that are both beautiful and old, then place homemade potpourri inside.

The most beautiful potpourri I have made so far is that from wild roses. I placed them in water and allowed them to dry, then cut the buds from their stems, then cut the green leaves which had curled beautifully once dried and added it to an old jar. I still get compliments on that one!

Making your home beautiful isn't hard and it shouldn't be expensive. For a touch of elegance, try these tips and hopefully your home will be transformed soon.