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Crocheting is one of the easiest crafts to accomplish. Though, it doesn't appear so, the stitches needed are simple and easy to follow.

There are several different ways to crochet a blanket. Some prefer to crochet small blocks, then stitch them together.

Also, you can crochet in a continuous straight line one on top of another.

If you choose the first, you will need to determine the size of blocks you would like to use. There is no pre-determined size that you must use. It is simply up to your own judgement. Decide, then, how many blocks you want across and how many going down. When you have all of your blocks crocheted, all you have to do then is stitch them together with a crocheting needle (usually plastic or metal and found in most any craft store). Your quilt is then finished and ready for use.

If you decide to go with the straight across pattern, it is basically self explanitory. You simply crochet a line until you have come up with the width you are satisfied with. Then, continue crocheting until you have desired length.

For the beginner, these are basic quilts that are easy to make. For experienced crafters, however, there are many more designs out there for the taking. If you have no idea where to find these patterns, use your internet and perform a search on 'crochet' and you will get many, many answers and patterns that are free and easy to print off your computer. Also, you can check with your local library or book store for books with illistrated patterns that are easy to follow.

Crocheting is a wonderful pastime and it's fruits are wonderful and warm! They make wonderful additions to your home or great gifts for family or friends.