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Cornhusk dolls have been the delight of many a young girl for centuries. These simple but beautiful playmates take little more than corn husk to make and they can be made plain or the husk can be dyed to make the dolls clothing more colorful. To begin making a cornhusk doll you will need the pale inner husks from six ears of corn. Place these between layers of newspaper for about a week or until they turned a light straw color. Sprinkle the husk with water and place them in a closed plastic bag to soften overnight. The other items you will need to make your doll are dried corn silk, 5 inches of wire that is thick enough to use for the dolls arms, beige carpet thread to tie the husk together, several 1\4 inch wide strips of husk to hide the thread ties and three 3\4 inch wide husk strips to make the dolls shawl and waistband.

Begin by rolling the softened husk together and then tying them at the center. Peel the top half down and tie it in place one inch below the top to make the head. Next hide the thread you have used to tie the head off with a 1\4 inch strip of cornhusk. To secure it, tie it at the back of the head. Gently thread the piece of wire through one husk and then roll the husk around the wire. To make the dolls elbows and wrist, tie the husk at the center and about 1\8 inch from the end. Using strips of the husk, tie pieces to cover the thread at the elbows and wrist. Then lash the arms onto the body with a 1\4 inch cornhusk strip and cover these strips with a 1\4 husk strip tied at the waist. The strips you use to hold the arms in place should cross over each shoulder. Next wrap layers of husks with the wide ends down around the waist for the skirt. Tie these in place at the waist.

Trim away the tops of the husk and then hide the waist with a 1\4 inch husk strip tied in place with two strips of the same size. After you have formed the dolls body you should allow it to dry for several days. Then glue the corn silk in place for hair and draw a face on your doll. The cornhusk can be dyed by adding liquid dye to the husk when you place them into the plastic bag to soften over night. After you have added the face and hair you can make a cornhusk hat for your doll as well. This can be done by cutting a circular piece from the husk and then cutting a circle from the center that is just large enough to fit over the dolls head. Cut a second circle of husk for the crown and attach the larger piece over it. Trim away any excess from under the hat brim and your doll is ready to play with.