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Your comic books may one day turn out to be great investments—if you buy the right ones, that is. A problem that arises is that once a comic is bent, ripped, torn, or damaged in any way, most people will tell you that a book is worthless. I’ve been collecting comic books since I was a kid, and I have come up with a simple and cheap way to store and save your comics so they won’t lose their value.

When buying your comics, a lot of comic book stores will have the comic already in a plastic bag with a cardboard backing, this is great for you because it keeps the comic from becoming bent or blemished and keeps the moisture out; we will get to that later. A second point is that if you have comics already without cardboard and baggies you should go out and get some. Most comic stores carry them, and they’re very inexpensive. If you can't find any stores you can easily cut some cardboard out and find some plastic bags from the grocery store to put your comics in.

When storing your comics you want to make sure they fit snug in the bag and you seal them up securely with some scotch tape, because you don't want any air from getting to the comic. Think of it as food, and you know that when air gets to food it spoils it. Same goes for the comic, the more air that gets to the comic the older it looks, color, typing, etc., so make sure you seal it up tight. Remember the more new and mint it looks the more it is worth.

Placing and storing your comics away is pretty easy, all you need is a sturdy box, or something that will not bend or let water into it. I use a big sturdy plastic box with a top that seals out all the air; you can find them at any retail store, such as Target or Walmart. Make sure the comics are upright and will not move around and bend inside your box, as this causes more damage and you don’t want that happening.

Finding a place to store them is pretty easy as well, you just need to find a place where it won’t get knocked around and is safe from anyone tampering with it. You don’t have to worry about the air factor if you use a sealed type box to store it in. If you have an attic, or space under your bed those are great places away from pets or kids. If you’re very safe about your comics you can even look into a safety deposit box if you have some really expensive ones.

The key things to remember are:
-Place your comics in a sealed bag away from air and moisture.
-Store them in a sturdy box or container that is able to withstand moving and will not damage the comics.
-Find a place to keep them away from danger (kids and pets).

You should be on your way to becoming a hopefully wealthy and wise comic book collector. Good luck and happy collecting.