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A apple clock will make a excellent addition to your home. It is easy and inexpensive to make. It is also nice to know that you made it yourself. The whole process is very simple, almost anyone can do it in less than a hour. Here is a list of what you will need to get started.

1. A jigsaw.

2. A drill with a medium size bit.

3. A 1" by 12" board that is at least 18 inches long.

4. A clock dial.

5. Clock numerals with adhesive backing.

6. Apple red paint.

7. Green paint.

8. A lead pencil

Now that you have all of the supplies and tools you will need it is time to get started. Here is what you will need to do.

1. Take the pencil and draw an outline of a apple onto the board. Make sure you include a stem on the top of it.

2. Use the jigsaw to cut out the pattern you have drawn.

3. Take the drill and drill a hole into the center of the board.

4. Make sure the board is smooth and paint the entire board red except for the stem. You will need to paint it green. After painting let the board dry for a few hours.

5. Next put the clock dial in through the hole from the back. Go ahead and put the the clock hands on at this time, also.

6. Lastly, put on the numbers.

You have now completed your apple clock. You have a nice addition to your home. It was also fun, easy, and inexpensive.