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Supplies needed:

red fun foam, thin sheet
white fun foam, thin sheet
hot glue and glue gun
white fabric ribbon
green fabric paint
red fabric paint
black fabric paint
tiny bell (found at most craft stores during holiday season)


Cut out shape of Christmas stocking from cookie cutter on cardboard to use as a guide. Cut out a second shape using the top part of the stocking shape, making curves along the edge to look as though it was snow on the stocking.

Trace around the red fun foam with the larger stocking shape with a pen and cut out two shapes. Using the smaller shape, trace around the white fun foam and cut two of this piece also.

Cut a piece of the white ribbon approximately 5 inches long. Hot glue each end of the ribbon on the inside of the back red fun foam stocking shape.

Hot glue the two red pieces together keeping the top part open.

Glue the white pieces to the red stocking, placing one in the front and one in the back.

On the front of the stocking, use black fabric paint to make stitching lines on the toe and heel of the stocking. Use green fabric paint to clealy print the year. With the red fabric paint print someone's name or a holiday greeting such as noel, etc.

Hot glue a tiny bell to the toe.

Suggested use:
Decorate your Christmas tree with this colorful and personalized ornament or as a token gift with your Christmas cards. It can also be used as a name tag for Christmas presents.