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There are so many wonderful Christmas ornaments you can make with materials from your home or purchase. Making your own Christmas ornaments gives your tree a personalized appearance and they also make wonderful gifts. Using a recipe of 4 cups flour, 1 cup salt and enough water to make a dough concoction is a good way to start. After the dough is made roll it to about 1\4 inch thickness and use Christmas cookie cutters to cut out the shapes. Use a meat skewer to make a hole at the top large enough to run a ribbon through for hanging. You can split the dough and add cake coloring to make green trees and wreaths, red or blue bells, yellow stars and more. Lay the cut outs on a cookie sheet and bake at a low temperature until thoroughly dried. Allow to cool and you are ready to decorate. The salt will give these ornaments a glittery look but if you want to make them even shinier or decorate them with glitter you can do so by spreading glue on the surface and sprinkling with your favorite color. You can even make glitter, paint and sequin designs or personalize with names. After the glue or paint has dried, spray each ornament with a sealant to add more shine and insure the glitter stays intact. Cookie cutters can also be used to trace shapes for other ornaments. Cardboard shapes can be coated in glue and wrapped with metallic yarns or rolled in glitter.
Wooden ornaments can be made by tracing the patterns onto wood and cutting them out with a jig saw. These can be painted or personalized with fabrics. When your are finished spray with an acrylic sealer or brush with clear shellac to protect the ornament.

To make fabric ornaments use your cookie cutter patterns but when you trace the pattern add a 1\4 inch seam all the way around. Pin the pattern to any two layers of Christmas fabric and cut out the shape. Stitch the fabric together with right sides facing leaving an opening at the top so you can turn it. When this is finished turn them right side out and stuff lightly with polyester fiberfill. Insert both ends of a thin piece of ribbon into the opening for hanging the ornament and stitch closed. You can take this a step further by adding an old fashion quilting stitch to the outside of each ornament. Styrofoam balls of all sizes can be purchased at most craft stores and used to make lovely christmas ornaments. These balls, rolled in glue and then in glitter make a great ball for the tree. Attach a plastic hook at the top and allow to dry before hanging. Using different sized and shaped sequins applied to a styrofoam ball with short craft pins makes a sparkly ornament. First roll the ball in glue and glitter. Then add the sequins while still wet. With this ornament you can add a plastic hook or simply attach a ribbon with a craft pin. When the glue is dry spray with acrylic, being careful not to coat the ribbon.

A wonderful Christmas ornament that will remind others of you each season can be made with Christmas cards. Cut a shape of your choice from 1\4 inch cardboard and matching shapes from the front of the card. If you desire you can use only the front of two cards for the back and front of this ornament, but the inside makes a nice reminder too. Glue the card pieces to the front and back of the cardboard. Add glue to the edges and roll in glitter. Allow to dry and spray with clear acrylic sealant.