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I have a way for you to recycle some of your household items and make a beautiful christmas angel at the same time. The items you will need are: a 2-litre bottle, a coat hanger, some newspaper, a paper towel, a wooden ball(used for the head), yarn, 3-4 yds of lace,wallpaper paste, and some gold spray paint.

First you will want to take a pair of wire cutters and cut the coathanger just at the curve on either end and at the part of the hanger that you hang it up with. This will form the neck, shoulders and arms. Insert the piece of hanger into the top of the bottle then push the wires forward to resemble arms. Tear a piece of newspaper the length of the bottle and wide enough to go around the bottle 1 1/2 times. Soak this piece in the wall paper paste and form a dress body onto the bottle leaving it full. Allow this to dry. Cut two circles out of the newspaper (about the size of a teacup saucer). Cut a straight line to the center of the circle. Soak these in the paste, then form a cone shape around the wire with the open end where the hands would be. Take a piece of the paper towel and wrap the end of the wire with it, then tie off with a piece of string or thread. Allow this to dry. Take your lace and cut it to make however many layers you would like the dress to be. Soak it in the paste, and then form your dress. Use lots of lace to make it full. Glue the ball onto the top and cut yarn to form hair. Cut some lace to form a collar for the dress (this wil lalso hide where the ball has been glued on). To make the wings take a strip of lace and fold the two ends to the middle. Allow this to dry for one day. Now spray the angel with the gold paint. I have done variations on the style by using other colors of spray paint, or you can use actual fabric instead of using paint. Embellish with bows, beads, or whatever you desire.