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Materials needed:

red fun foam (thin sheet)
white lace
hot glue gun and glue sticks
6" piece of fabric ribbon
heart shaped cookie cutter (at least 3 inches tall)


Trace cookie cutter shape on the red fun foam twice. Cut out both pieces. Hot glue white lace on the edges of one of the heart pieces.
Glue one end of the ribbon to the left and right center sides of this same piece. Next, glue the other heart piece onto the piece with the ribbon and lace, covering the edges where the lace is glued and leaving the top portion open. The basket is now finished and can be filled with items of your choice for valentines day, a birthday or just a romantic occasion.

Suggested fillings:

* small wrapped pieces of candy such as candy kisses, hard candy, small tootsie rolls, or conversation hearts
* a piece of jewelry wrapped in tissue paper
* a love note rolled up in a piece of ribbon
* very small bottle of perfume wrapped in tissue paper or with ribbon tied around the bottle