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Since you’ll need a large surface area to work on, choose a fat pillar candle in plain white. During the gardening season, press small flowers, leaves, and bits of greenery. Try to choose bright flowers, like pansies, over white daisies, for example. Fern fronds are especially nice. Autumn leaves are also a possibility.

Squeeze a small amount of white crafts glue in a paper cup. Thin it slightly with a small amount of warm water. With a small brush, apply glue to the back of the pressed flowers and arrange them on the pillar candle. Try to keep the main part of your design low on the candle, so that it will last as the candle burns down. Make little bouquets along the edge of the candle by alternating different types of flowers with some foliage.

While the glue is drying, put on a pan of water to boil. Sit a coffee can in the pan of simmering water and melt a block of paraffin in it (available at crafts stores). The wax must be at least as deep as your candle is tall. NOTE: never melt wax directly over a stovetop burner – it is very flammable.

Holding the candle by the wick, dip it quickly into the liquid wax. This will give you a translucent covering over the pressed flowers. Two to three coats is usually sufficient to seal in your design. Too many coats will dull the colors of the flowers or leaves you have chosen.