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In candlemaking three is much to be said about the old adage," The right equipment for the right job." This is a detailed list of equipment needed for candlemaking. This equipment is essential for making candles.

*A good durable wax melter is essential to the candlemaker. Wax melters are usually seamless aluminum: this prevents wax from being caught in the seams.

*A durable candy or wax thermometer is a necessity. Critical temperatures to be ready for candlemaking range from 150 to 300F.

*A dipping vat for tapers is an important piece of equipment. Galvanized vats are available at a depth of 15 inches and measure about 6 inches across.

*A double boiler bottom needs to accomodate cans of wax set in the container to melt.

*A dipping frame is for tapers. It is a necessity if you want to make perfectly straight tapers.

*A wick holder is an alternatrive to a dipping frame.

*Wick rods are useful for holding the wick in place while the wax hardens.

*An end former makes the tapers fit snugly in the candle holders.

*A cool water bath is a vessel in which cool water is placed, in order to speed the wax cooling process.

*Mold sealer is a pliable putty made specifically for sealing the wick holes in molds.

*Mold weights are long, flexible ropes of lead. They are intended mainly for use with open end molds.

*Mold holders are a food safety device that are used to pickup a large mold filled with hot wax and move it into a cool water bath.

*A piercing device is needed to relieve the surface tension of the wax and to expose any hidden air pockets near the wick.

*Wick centering spiders are a needed device to center the wick in the wax while the candle hardens.

*An assortment of odd containers will be needed to pour wax into when you are finished for the day.

*An awl is a useful tool for punching holes in found molds.

*Mold release spray is a silicone based spray and is used to coat the inside of molds to help the wax release from them.

*Rubber gloves are used mainly for picking up hot items.

*Spoon ladles are extremely useful when working with odd sized and small molds, particularly votive molds.

These items are the basic equipment needed for productive candlemaking. In time while you are involved in candlemaking, you will inevitabley find other items which make your task easier and will be more helpful for you.