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Container candles are enjoyed by candle makers all alike. Container candles are very attractive and versatile. Container candles are very useful, because they can be used to recycle old containers into useful candles.
Examples of perfect candle containers are attractive perfume vessels, old tins, decorative bowls, candy jars and shells. The key to making good container candles is using the proper wax formulization. Also, using wick tabs and wire core wicks, replacing regular wicking techniques, will allow the wick to stand erect in the container.

Materials needed to make container candles:

Paraffin wax 130F melting point
Paraffin wax 126F melting point
Microopalescent wax
Candle dye and fragrance of your choice
Wire core wick
Wick tabs
Container of your choice
Small tin can

Wax melter
Candy thermometer
Mold sealer
Wooden spoon
Wick rod
Old towel
Rubber gloves

When pouring container candles, avoid spilling wax on the outside of the container, because it can be difficult to remove from some surfaces.

1. Place wax in the wax melter with the microcrystalline wax, then put the melter on your heat source on medium setting.

2. Stir waxes together thoroughly, bring the temperature of the wax to 160F to 180F. Melt dye in a separate can and add to the wax. Add fragrance and stir both dye and fragrance in completely.

3. Prepare the wick and tab. If your container has a hole in the end, secure it with mold sealer. Cut a sufficient length of wick for the container. Secure one end of the wick in a wick tab. As soon as the wax has melted, pour a small amount into the bottom of the container. Press the wick tab firmly into the wax. Pour enough wax into the bottom of the container to securely cover the wick tab and allow it to harden into place. This will keep the tab secure while you are making any adjustments with the wick after pouring the wax. Position the wick rod across the top of the container, then wrap the other end of the wick around the support.

4. Pouring the candle: Put a rubber glove on the hand that will be holding the container, this will help prevent burns and allow you to properly hold the container in place. Pick up the container in one hand, tipping it slightly. Pour the melted wax into the container, filling it to the neck of the container. Adjust the wick to be certain it is centered.

5. Topping off the candle: As the candle cools, a well will form. When the well forms, pierce the wax around the wick, piercing all the way to the bottom. Bring the wax back up to the pouring temperature and fill the well. Repeat this until a well no longer forms. Allow the candle to harden. Trim the wick to 1/2 to 3/4 inches.