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For economy, plan the size and shape of your candles in advance. Two medium block candles or two tapered pillar candles can be cut from one sheet by cutting the sheet in half either lengthwise or diagonally. You can also make one large pillar candle from a sheet of beeswax.


Clean beeswax sheets
Wick: Candles under 2 inches in diameter, #2 or #3 square braided wick
Candles over 2 inches in diameter, #5 or #6 square braided wick.


Craft knife
clean cookie sheet or freezer paper
Hair dryer


1. Cut the wax sheet in half or to the desired length of the candle.

2. Place the beeswax on a clean cookie sheet or freezer paper. Warm the wax by using a hair dryer held about 10 inches away from the wax. This will warm the wax and prevent it form cracking or breaking as you role it.

3. Cut the wick to the correct length, with enough on top to light it and with 1 inch on bottom extra. Place the wick along the longest edge. Push the wick into the wax to help keep it in place as you roll.

4. Starting on the edge begin to roll the wick. Roll the wax over the wick keeping the roll tight without breaking the wax.

5. Continue to roll the wax. If the wax becomes brittle at any point, warm it up again slightly with a hair dryer. When you come to the end of the candle, warm the wax slightly and press the edge into the candle to secure it.

Now you have a simple but beautiful candle for any occasion.