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Whenever I purchased helium filled balloons, I always hated the plastic, ordinary weights attached to them. I came up with an idea that is sure to dress up any balloon bouquet.

What you will need:
Sand (or salt)
1 balloon, deflated
tissue paper or metallic tissue paper
Helium filled balloons

What to do:
Fill your deflated balloon with sand, or salt, and knot the top of the balloon. (You can pour sand into balloon with a kitchen funnel, or roll a piece of paper into a tube and insert into balloon.) Place balloon in center of multiple sheets of tissue paper and fold up sides of paper to cover balloon. Tie some party ribbon around neck of balloon, and then tie on your helium filled balloons. I often use lots of ribbon and curl it to make the weight look a little more flashy. You can purchase metallic tissue paper at party supply stores, or craft stores. It gives a really nice look to your weight.

Another type of weight I created was one for my child's birthday party. I bought small gifts for the party guests and placed them in gift bags. I then simply attached the balloons to the gift bags. (Make sure items in bag are heavy enough to hold balloons down.) At the end of the party, the other kids were able to take home balloons and their goodie bag.