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When one thinks of flowers, they usually think of a vase. Creating a flower arrangement should be fun. Let's get rid of the vases and find a unique way to display our beautiful blooms. Below, you will find some ideas to get you started.

Much like flowers, baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. To show off fresh flowers, put a plastic container inside the basket and fill it with water. Then arrange the flowers as usual. A basket also serves well for displaying silk or dried flowers. Get creative and use potpourri or marbles for “dirt”.

Jars are a thrifty, yet beautiful way to hold flowers. Just wash an empty food jar and fill it with some colorful stones or marbles. You may also find that painting the jar and adding small shells and decorations looks wonderful.

Coconut Shell
An empty coconut shell flourishing with flowers is a lovely sight. It is unusual and serves its purpose well. A container inside the shell can be used to hold water for fresh flowers, but it will also hold dried or silk flowers. Add a bow made from ribbon to the shell for extra flair.

Candle Wax
Fill your favorite dish with melted candle wax. Before the wax hardens place dried or silk flowers into the wax. You can embed flowers into the wax completely or partially. When your creation dries, you will have a beautiful display. Scented candle wax can also be used.

There is no law stating that flowers must have something serving as a vase. Bundle up some of your favorite dried or silk flowers and bind them together with ribbon. You can make several of these and place them anywhere in the house- mantels, shelves, and bookcases. Glue beads, shells, or leaves to the ribbon for added beauty.

Displaying flowers on a wreath is a fun project. You can purchase an already-made wreath at your local craft store along with some of your favorite dried or silk flowers. Glue the flowers onto the wreath in a way that looks good to you. After all, it is your creation. Beads, ribbon and fake fruit can also be added to compliment the arrangement.

Swags adorned with flowers look lovely hanging over doorways. Swags can be any shape and there are no rules when it comes to your creation. Much like creating a wreath, you must find a base to add the dried or silk flowers to. Craft stores are handy for this, but you can also make your own.

Most of all be creative and have fun. Take a walk through your home and I am sure you can find several things that you can add flowers to. That fancy bowl sitting on your hutch might just look better with some colorful blooms.