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Appliqué can be used on quilts, pillows, kids clothes, flags or anything that you want to have motifs. Appliqué is an easy process if you follow the step by step instructions below.

What you will need:

Desired shape of the design
Tracing paper
Cardboard or very thick paper
Fabric for the appliqué design
The base fabric (what you will sew your appliqué design on)
Quilter’s thread (any color)
Thread for final sewing (match the appliqué)

What you do:

1. Trace the design on the cardboard using the tracing paper.
2. Cut out and label “actual size”.
3. Make a second cutout of the same design, but make it ¼” bigger on all sides. This will be your seam allowance.
4. Label this cutout “w/ seam allowance”
5. Using your “w/ seam allowance” cut out, place in on the fabric for the appliqué piece.
6. Trace the pattern on the fabric.
7. Cut out the fabric piece.
8. Place the fabric right side down, wrong side up.
9. Put the “actual size” cut out in the center of the design.
10. Trace the cut out using a disappearing marker or a washable marker. Now you can see where your seam allowance is from the actual size of the shape (the seam allowance should be ¼” all around the shape)
11. With the quilter’s thread, make a running stitch on the seam allowance side of the “actual size” line.
12. Place the fabric right side down, wrong side up.
13. Place the “actual size” cut out in the center of the design.
14. Pull the quilter’s thread tight so that the seam allowance comes to the top of the “actual size” cut out.
15. Press the seam allowances flat with an iron.
16. Take out the “actual size” cut out.
17. Press the seam allowances flat again.
18. Take out the quilter’s thread.
19. Pin to the desired location on the base fabric.
20. Sew down around all edges using the matching thread.
21. Press with an iron.

Some additional ideas

1. Look in clip art books for design ideas.
2. Add a layer of interfacing to the appliqué fabric to make it stiffer.
3. Top stitch design after sewing it to the base fabric.
4. Add beads to your design.
5. Attach ribbon or braiding to your design.