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Room fresheners and deodorizers not only add a pleasant scent to the room, if they contain alcohol, they also have antiseptic qualities. Ordinary potpourris can go a long way in freshening the air in the house. Cedar chips also make great room fresheners.

Room Freshener

4 ounces cedarwood chips
2 ounces sandalwood chips
1 ounce orris root powder

(All these ingredients are available in craft supply shops.)

Mix ingredients thoroughly, and place in an open dish somewhere they won’t be disturbed.

To make liquid room deodorizers, you will need:

A Measuring cup
A glass jar with lid
A funnel
A nonaerosol spray bottle

To make your own chlorophyl to use in the recipes, gather some fresh grass clippings and put them in a jar. Make sure you gather from an area that hasn’t been sprayed with insecticide. Pour a pint of alcohol over the grass clippings. Add 2 tablespoons liquid vegetable oil. Seal jar very tightly. Shake well and let it sit for 4 days. Make sure you shake the jar a couple of times every day. When the liquid is dark green, strain it into another jar and seal. This tincture can be used with the recipes.

Wildflower Room Freshener

2 ounces tincture of sweet woodruff
1 ounce tincture of heather
1 ounce balsam of Peru
4 ounces distilled water
1 drop of oil of rosemary
1 deop of oil of bergamot
2 ounces liquid chlorophyll
16 ounces alcohol

Mix all in a jar. Seal. Shake well. Pour into the nonaeresol spray bottle and use.

Rose Room Freshener

2 ounces liquid chlorophyll
1 ounce balsam of Peru
1/2 ounce tincture of rose geranium
3 drops of rose oil
2 ounces distilled water
12 ounces alcohol

Shake well in a jar. Pour into spray bottle and use.

Mint Room freshener

2 ounces liquid chlorophyll
1 ounce balsam of Tolu
4 ounces distilled water
2 drops of spearmint oil
2 drops of peppermint oil
16 ounces of alcohol.

Mix well by shaking in a jar. Pour into spray bottle, and use.

There you have it. Some easy to make room deodorizers. If you have a favorite essential oil, substitute that in the recipe.