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Many American families can’t resist getting out their video camera to record life’s most important moments: the time their children take their first steps, the family vacation to Disneyland, and even the opening of presents on Christmas morning. You really can’t afford to have your video camera break down. You need it constantly to record the most important details of life! Here are some ways you can fix your video camera yourself without taking it to the repair shop.

· Your video camera doesn’t turn on or work at all. The most likely problem is that the battery isn’t charged. Recharge the battery. Look at the instructions that came with your camera to figure out the proper way to do that. If your battery won’t recharge, you’ll have to get a new one. Another reason your video camera may not be working is that your AC adapter may not be connected properly. Check the connection thoroughly. Make sure the plugs are secured tightly.
· Your video camera’s battery won’t charge at all. The problem could be that the battery is bad. Some batteries need to be fully discharged of all their energy before they can be properly recharged. If your battery is bad, you should replace it with a new one and follow the directions on the batter to a T.
· The tape on your video camera won’t run. You might have a dirty capstan or a pinch roller. Clean the inside of your video camera with a head-cleaning tape. You can also clean the inside of your video camera by using a clean cloth and denature alcohol.
· Your video camera won’t record audio. The heads on your audio recorder might be dirty. Clean the heads with a head-cleaning tape. Another possible problem might be that the microphone on your camera may not be working. Test the microphone carefully and clean the microphone. If that doesn’t work, you may have to have the microphone serviced professionally.
· The power on your video camera turns off right after starting. The problem more than likely is that the battery power is low on your camera. Recharge the battery. The other possible problem is that the safety circuits are detecting that there’s a mechanical error somewhere in your camera and that it won’t run without having that problem fixed. You should then turn off the video camera and turn it back on. Eject the tape. If the problem still exists, look at the fuse in the camera to see if that might be the problem. You may need to replace the fuse or have the camera serviced professionally.
· Your video camera damages the tapes you put in it. If this is the case, you need to make sure there is no dirt, debris, or grime in the tape compartment. Clean that area thoroughly. The capstan might be dirty or the capstan belt might be broken. Clean the capstan thoroughly, and if it’s broken, replace the belt.