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Trapping for game is fun and exciting. It requires a little skill and a lot of luck. With a little practice you'll be trapping all sorts of game. The first thing you need to do is decide which area you are going to trap. Make sure it is a place where there are no small children or pets around. A steel trap can cause injury very easily. Check with your local wildlife resources agency to make sure it is the right season for the animals you are going to trap.

There are many different traps that you can use. There are small ones and large ones. There are also live traps that are made of wood or wire. These traps do not harm the animals. Decide which trap will fit your needs and use it. Almost any of them will do the job for you.

When putting out the traps, place them in places that you have been seeing animals or signs of them. Decide on a bait to use for the particular animal you are after. There are many baits that work for game. They include sardines, meat scraps, fish parts, and many other things. Find a spot then set and bait the trap. Tie the trap off to a tree or limb so the animal can't run away with it. I always cover the traps with leaves to hide them after I set them. I usually put five or six traps out in the same area.

I put my traps out in the morning usually and them go back to check them 24 hours later. You might not have an animal in all the traps, but you will usually have at least one. Keep trying, you will get better in time. There is nothing more exciting than going to check your traps and having a nice animal. You have out smarted a creature of the wild, trapped it on its own terms.