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When traveling with a canoe, you need to use caution. Because of its shape and light weight, it’s easy for wind to catch a canoe and take it soaring somewhere you don’t need it to go. You need to always make sure your canoe is secure when you’re traveling and storing it. Here are some tips.

· When carrying a canoe, always carry it upside down and by using at least two people to help. You want to make sure doesn’t risk damage from the wind or any other objects.
· Don’t drag a canoe on the ground. No matter how soft you believe the ground to be, a canoe can be easily damaged. Make sure you take all precautions to carry a canoe with two people (one on either end) in order for it to reach its destination safely.
· If you’re trying to load a canoe to a trailer, only do this when the canoe is in the water. That’s the only safe way for a canoe.
· Always tie your canoe to your vehicle upside down. Make sure it doesn’t risk catching any wind or any other potentially damaging items that it could encounter on the road. You want to tie it securely to your luggage rack and bumpers
· Use a nylon rope to secure your canoe. Hook the rope around the frames of the boat and secure them on the bumpers or undercarriages of your car.
· If you don’t have a luggage rack, you need to find something to put between your car and your canoe, in order to best protect your car. Try pieces of foam under the parts of the boat that would come in contact with your car. Make sure it’s secure.
· When storing your canoe, tying it to the rafters of your garage is the best bet. Put four hefty hooks on the rafters and tie a line from the each of the front and back hooks and loop them around the canoe. When you hang the canoe, just simply slide the canoe through one loop, and then the other.