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For those of us that love our horses and love riding them, nothing beats trail riding. This is the most fun any horse owner can have. When you decide to go trail riding you need to do a few things. Make sure the shoeing is good on your horse's hooves. Without proper shoeing you can damage their legs. Also make sure that you have a good saddle that is comfortable for you and your horse.

The next thing you must do is find a good place to trail ride. There is lots of public land that is available for people to ride. Some state and national parks also allow horses on them. When you start trail riding avoid places that might cause injury to you or your horse. Don't ride on steep embankments or places with loose rock that might cause the horse to slip. Always be safe and choose a place that doesn't have any hidden dangers. I also recommend that when you trail ride, don't go by yourself. If someone is with you it makes it much safer and more fun.

When you trail ride, take it easy on your horse and yourself. Don't try to over do it. Take your time and take plenty of breaks, this will keep you and your horse from becoming exhausted. A horse requires plenty of water, so if you plan a ride that is going to last a while be sure to either carry water or make sure there is a water supply nearby.

When I trail ride I always plan for the whole day. I take plenty of water with me and some feed for the horse. I also like to pack a picnic lunch to carry if others are going to accompany me. Trail riding is great fun for the entire family, so plan yourself a safe and fun trip and head out. Happy trails to you.