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Nylon tents are all the rage right now in camping. Not only do they allow a water-proof place to stay on your camping trip, but they let moisture escape into the air, which their canvas tent counterparts do not. This means all moisture—including your bad breath and perspiration--can escape from the tent and you don’t have to worry. While nylon tents are generally sturdier and typically better than canvas ones, they do have their downsides. They are easily melted in a fire and can be easily torn. Here are some tips on how to repair your tent.

· If you have a hole in your tent, the first thing you should do is put a temporary patch on it. Use duct tape or another soft tape to cover the hole.
· When you get home to patch your tent, you should cut a piece of nylon a little bit larger than the tent’s hole is. Cut it in a square. You should match the fabric you’re patching.
· Because nylon that is cut has a ragged edge and easily unravels, you need to seal the edge of the patch by lighting a candle and passing the edges of the patch through the flame.
· Use a sewing machine to completely mend the patch onto the hole of your tent. You’ll want to put at least two rows of stitches all the way around your hole.
· Turn the tent inside out and put stitches on the flaps of the hole. This will keep the flaps from flapping around and have the hole spread.
· Get some sealant for your stitches. Apply a generous amount of seam sealant on all your stitches so your stitches won’t come undone and to ensure waterproofing of the patched area.
· If your tent peg loop breaks and one end of your tent is no longer secured to the ground, you’ll want to fix that while you’re out camping. To do this, put the plastic disc in the corner of the inside of the tent. The secure the disc with a clamp on the outside.
· If you have a tent leak while you’re camping, you need to seal that off as soon as you can. To do this, make sure you have some neoprene seam sealant with you. Use that and you’ll be good to go.