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The evil dragon/king has kidnapped the princess, and her boyfriend goes to save her. Welcome to Super Mario brothers, and good luck.

Here's everything you need to know to beat Super Mario Brothers. Just follow these directions step by step, level by level:

World 1-1
The easy as pie beginning. Collect coins- eventually when you collect 100 you get a free life!

World 1-2 - - -
Find a spot where you can get high enough to break through the bricks in the ceiling. When you get up on top of those bricks, you can run over most of the level, missing all of the enemies. When you get to the moving platforms, make sure to ride them until you can jump up above the ceiling bricks on the other side as well. Keep running to your right and you will make it to the warp zone. Here warp to World 4.

World 4-1 - - - Here you'll run up against Lakitu, a cloud that throws spiky enemies onto you. Avoid him and everything he throws and you'll be fine.

World 4-2 - - - This is an underground level. Pay attention to a collection of three bricks just after a ditch. Jump under the second to the right and last to the right. Jump on the block stairs so that you can hit the first normal block from the right. This will cause a vine to sprout. Climb it. It leads to a warp zone to either 6, 7, or 8. Warp to level 8.

World 8-1 through 8-3
These levels are all very difficult, with challenging jumps and enemies and situations. But, no particular special knowledge is needed. Just keep trying. If you run out of men on the eighth level, press start while holding down the A button. You will get to start again at level 8-1.

World 8-4
This is the last level, the end of the road. It is, in fact, a giant maze. There's a ditch with an elevator that moves across it in the middle of the level. Go into the first pipe after it. Then, go into the pipe in the air by some flying turtles. There's a hidden block near the left of it that will help you get into it. After that pipe, go over another lava ditch. Again, right after it, jump into the pipe. This takes you to a swimming level with spinning fire rods and 3 squids. Exit the water and proceed to Bowser. It is very easy to kill Bowser with fireballs. It is hard to get on top of him, and he has hammers, so it's difficult to proceed under him. Good luck.