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If you're looking to get started in collecting stamps, you'll be happy to hear that stamp collecting can be one of the most affordable hobbies. After all, you can essentially get stamps for however amount you want to spend. There are one-cent stamps, there are one-dollar stamps, and there are stamps that are worth thousands of dollars.
The best stamps are the ones you enjoy. If you have other hobbies, it's often fun to combine them with your stamp collection. If you collect ceramic cows, there are cow stamps. If you're a big Disney fan, there are stamps honoring all the Disney characters. There are plenty of stamps to fit your fancy. The trick is finding the ones you like, buying them, and proudly displaying them in a book, display case, or frame.
Which stamps are typically worth the most? It mind sound odd to those who aren't incredibly familiar with the stamp collecting hobby, but the most valuable stamps are often the ones that were made with mistakes. For example, in 1918 stamps portraying the biplane were printed. Some of the biplanes were printed on the stamps upside down. Those are worth quite a bit of money. In 1995, stamps honoring Richard Nixon were printed. There were some 80 million stamps printed, and 160 of them contained huge mistakes. On some of them his portrait was off-center, on some his name is printed upside down. And on some both errors occurred. Recently, one Nixon stamp with mistakes sold at Christie's auction house for $14,500.
There are many ways stamps have mistakes. Some have spelling errors, some display out of focus photos. These are usually the most valuable of all stamps. But if you're starting out your collection and don't have a lot of money to use, you should probably start out by visiting your post office and finding out which stamps that are available interest you enough to bring to your collection. The stamps that do the best for your collection are the ones that you enjoy owning most.