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When you’re out on a bike trip, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a flat tire. You should take with you all the tools you need to fix the flat every time you go biking. You’ll need a roll of cloth tape, a pump, a snap on chain link, a dollar bill, plastic ties, a puncture kit, and a combination tool.

1. If your rim bends when you’re on the road, you should stop and fix it immediately. You can fix a bent rim by pushing the rim against a tree or a metal or wood pole. You should press the wheel against the tree with both hands until it is back in its original position and unbent. Remount the tire and put the wheel back on the bike.

2. If you get a flat tire, you won’t be able to ride very well at all. Here’s how to fix it: take the tire off the wheel and let all the air out. Lift one side of the tire over the rim, but be careful so you won’t puncture any more of the tube. Remove the entire inner tube and look for the hole in the tire. Patch the tube by applying an adhesive to it and putting a small cloth patch on the tube. Smooth it out for a few minutes until it is completely dry. Inflate your tube, put it back on your tire, and mount it on your bike.

3. If you have a flat tire and don’t have the materials to fix it, fill the tube with anything you can find. Put leaves, straw, and grass inside the tube. The tube will roll much better with debris inside than with partial or no air.

4. If you have a gash in your tire, you may soon find yourself with a popped or blown out tube. In order to get back safely, you should deflate the tube and put a dollar bill inside the gash. A dollar bill is durable and can hold a tire.

5. If a spoke of your wheel is flopping around, you need to remedy the problem, or it could spell more problems for you if the spoke punctures your tire or tube. Be sure to secure all the loose spokes with tape or with a plastic tie.